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Destiny Review - Flawed Perfection

Sep 16 2014 06:08 PM | LordGideon in Gaming

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It's hard to imagine that any other developer would have said anything as gutsy when talking about their new IP, but Bungie and Activision were certainly not afraid of claiming that Destiny would be a "ten year game". Ten years of follow-up games and DLC. Ten years of living in a fleshed out universe of Bungie's creation. Could this really work? They made Halo, didn't they? Most people simply said "It's Bungie. Let's get excited."

Turns out that in the end, this new game from Bungie is a flawed gem - but one that echoes with so much promise that it's hard not to let things slide.

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The New Frontier

Jul 23 2014 04:52 PM | LordGideon in Gaming

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As the blur in my vision faded, my eyes beheld the new frontier. My immediate surroundings were of rusted out cars, swaying grass in the breeze, and in the distance a massive wall.

"The Fallen are coming. We need to run." the robot said, floating into my helmet. I checked myself for a weapon - there wasn't one to be found. Off in the distance I heard a cry. The sound of many evil things echoed across the landscape - and they were certainly coming this way.

"Let's go." the voice said again. The nav point flashed up on my helmet, and I was on the move towards the future.

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Jul 15 2014 03:07 PM | LordGideon in General News

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Edit - 07.23.2014 - WE ARE NOW OUT OF CODES

Since the days of Halo 2, the PraetoriaGuard's support of the folks at Bungie has gone back a long way, to the point that many of us have every game they've ever made. When word of Destiny first echoed across the intergooglez and crossed our computer screens, we knew, just based on past experience, that it was going to be something big.

Deep in the PG locker room, far away from any prying eyes and ears, a plan was hatched and schemes developed. Known years ago for Halo2Cheaters.com, Halo2Gametypes.com, and HaloEverywhere.com, the PG decided it was time to return to the gaming nation in a big way - with a massive community event: the #PGDestinyBeta.

Destiny takes place in an expansive universe, with deep lore and many ways to complete what needs doing. In the spirit of that, we want to see what the community can come up with that expands or takes place in the destiny universe. So tell us a story, dream up a creative new weapon, show us something awesome. Be creative, make us laugh, wow us, make our jaws drop. Do that and there could be a code for the Destiny Beta in it for you. There will be daily winners and a community vote at the end. Plus, we’ll have people giving out some codes just because we can.

How many codes do we have? A lot.

We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll stick around to discuss your fellow contest participants’ entries and maybe poke around the forums a bit. For now though, get to making those entries - and check out this section here for more info on what, exactly, needs doing in order to score yourself a Destiny Beta Code.

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